Hero's Song is a hardcore action RPG and uses the familiar click-to-move and attack controls of classic action RPGs like Diablo III or Path of Exile. Combat takes a more measured pace, giving you time to react to the intelligent tactics of your enemies and to thoughtfully deploy your wide variety of skills and abilities. True to its hardcore nature, combat in Hero's Song is dangerous and has very real consequences including the chance of permanent death. Friendly fire is always defaulted to "on", so positioning and precision are very important considerations. Death will come quickly if you think this is a simple clickfest.


In Hero's Song players can control their own server and host thousands of other players (with up to hundreds playing at one time.)

  • Join an existing community or host your own server
  • Create and control your worlds and make each server truly unique
  • Decide who gets to play on your server
  • It's your choice to disallow friendly fire and PvP


"Ever was the Lonely God in The Kalos"



The heart and soul of Hero's Song is in our world creation. In fact, the mythos we're making is so important to the game that we partnered with New York Times Bestselling author Patrick Rothfuss to help us make it awesome. He's been working with us to create this amazing backstory.

The backstory to Hero’s Song changes each time you create a new world, but it still has elements of the backstory we created woven into it.

Each god is unique and has specific interests which influence the physical geography of the world, who lives there, and how its history plays out. For example if you choose Nae, Goddess of the Sea as one of your elder gods, you'll end up with a lot more oceans; if you choose Cor, The Mad Smith, you should expect to see a lot more mountains. But the influence of the gods only begins with the geography of your world. Those same gods also impact the next phase of world creation - our deep world history.



The gods you choose to bind to your world influences far more than its physical geography. The gods also shape its entire population and thousands of years of history including the wars that were fought, the great plagues that ravaged the land, and the rise and fall of entire civilizations. On one world, Dranuk Dwarves may have never existed; on another, the Varloosh have fought a never-ending war with the Analathi Elves.  

The possibilities are near endless and ever expanding. This unique world history runs deep into the very bloodlines of the heroes you play, with family traits passed down through the ages and the treasures of your heritage waiting to be discovered.



From an ever-expanding cosmology, you determine the pantheon for each world; choosing the gods of creation and the balance of divine power. These choices shape the world, its vast history, and the nature of its afterlife.

These are just a few of the gods that are available and more will be added over time, both by the Pixelmage team and by the players themselves as their heroes prove worthy to ascend into godhood! 



Once you've created a world, or joined an existing one online, you'll then be able to choose your first character to play. Each world has been uniquely shaped by the gods and thousands of years of history so your available character options will never be the same! For example, on one world the entire civilization of Dranuk Dwarves may have been wiped out by generations of war with the Analathi Elves. In a world like that, Dranuk Dwarves wouldn't exist and could not be an option. But by the same token, perhaps it was during this war that the art of Necromancy was discovered, opening up class options that make use of that school of magic.

All playable characters also have unique histories and genealogical trees that will determine many of their stats and abilities.

Each character can then also be further customized to suit your personal taste and desired playstyle.



There are a wide variety of fantasy races possible within each unique world. These are just a few of them. We'll be revealing more over time.



Hero's Song is deeply rooted in classic RPGs and features a wide variety of classes. Each class offers a distinctly different play style and some will be easier to play than others; allowing you to choose how you want to experience the world. Here are just a few of the classes that may be available on any unique world. We expect to expand this list.



The world is filled with interesting NPCs and dangerous monsters each designed to function on their own and understand the world around them. Our goal is as much emergent behavior as possible so that no play through will be exactly the same as a previous one.



Magic takes many forms in the world of Hero's Song, and it's not as simple as different versions of fireballs or magic missiles. There are a variety of magic systems that give magic users a lot of options for gameplay. Magic is something that's very powerful and learning its arcane secrets can be a difficult thing.



Hero's Song features a robust crafting system. You'll find all sorts of resources and crafting recipes as you explore the world of Hero's Song. We let you craft weapons, armor and even magical items through our enchanting system. Hundreds of different crafting recipes and thousands of resources to find in hard-to-reach places around the world.

Discovery based system
As you find new resources you will discover different recipes based on what you find.



We got into this business to make great games. We decided to make our business model as simple and fair as possible. There are a lot of great games out there that have microtransactions as a part of them. Many of us on the Development Team have been involved with that business model for years and we decided we wanted Pixelmage Games to be different. Our games will have no microtransactions and they will be reasonably priced. We will offer two versions of Hero's Song. The regular version will be $19.99 and the Deluxe Edition version will be $49.99. The Deluxe Edition includes the soundtrack by Inon Zur, the digital strategy guide and a wallpaper pack. Aside from that there are no differences.



What is the game actually about? Is there a main quest? What's my goal?

The game is about living a life of adventure in a world filled with monsters, mysteries and magic to be uncovered. For many, the journey is the goal. Others yearn for their character to ascend to become a God. 

The core of the game is the amazing world that is created anew based on your choices and the history generator that literally creates the entire population of the world with complete history that has real ramifications for passing down skills through bloodlines over time. 

There is no main quest but you'll find plenty of quests and glory. The world is filled with interesting NPCs and dangerous monsters each designed to function on their own and understand the world around them. Our goal is as much emergent behavior as possible so that no play through will be exactly the same as a previous one.

As you explore through the world you level up your character in your chosen class, grow more powerful and discover powerful magical relics of ancient times. 

How is it any different than any other action RPG?

First and foremost our world creation is designed to create a believable fantasy world complete with geography and a history that actually impacts gameplay by actually changing the world itself and determining those races, classes and Gods that will be available. Our goal is to make a fantasy world that feels believeable. That's a very different game than making a story driven RPG. In Hero's Song, the story is actually yours as you adventure through this particular world. This is open world sandbox gaming through and through. 

What influence do the Gods actually have outside of race and class choices and terrain?

The Gods are not merely abstract ideas. They are beings of massive power but they are real and -- although it's incredibly difficult -- they can be killed and the rewards can be rich. They also have tangible impacts on their followers since the magic system for Priests is based on belief.

How do I ascend?

Ascension happens when you reach level 50 and have passed through the Trials.

What is the world like?

You can see the art style from the screenshots and video, but in terms of gameplay, the world is very much a high fantasy style game. That means cities and towns are spread out over vast areas of wilderness. The different races live in different parts of the world: so as you travel you'll encounter different architectures, flora and fauna as you start your character based on your selected race.

The world can also be very, very large. We wanted exploration to be very important so we aren't planning on a ton of simple fast travel. Some of the classes are able to do things (for example, Druids can use Druid rings for their parties) but we wanted travel and the journey itself to matter. During that journey you'll cross deserts, mountains, rivers, swamps and jungles in all kinds of climates. 

You can provision yourself at various shops in the cities and around the world (including wandering vendors). 

The world is also filled with dungeons, caves and many other places to explore and adventure, all of which is generated at the start during world creation.

How does leveling work? 

We use a very traditional class based system with a bunch of classes and races to choose from. You raise in levels by gaining experience through combat, the use of skills and other adventuring related activities.

How about items? 

We have tens of thousands of different items in the game including many different types and categories of weapons (melee and ranged), armor, magic items and artifacts. Items have stats associated with them and many of them have abilities tied to them.

How does multiplayer work?

You can either choose to join a server through our server browser or host a server on your machine. Our goal is to get thousands of players having their data stored on a server with hundreds playing at a time (subject to the machine and bandwidth). 

Playing Multiplayer you'll see people's names above their heads and be able to chat with them (racial language DOES matter here) and you can adventure together (or fight on a PVP server).

What kind of controls do I get if I'm hosting a server?

You'll be able to control who is allowed on the server as well as being able to kick or ban people. In addition, you'll determine which Gods are available, whether it's a PVP server and many other options.

How long is a game session going to last?

Our goal going in is to create a constantly evolving world in which you can get lost.  That means the world won't always be exactly like you left it because things have been going on while you're gone.  Since that's the style of game we're making we think you'll have fun popping in for 20 minutes or playing for hours at a time.